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A Not So Young Woman Abroad Community 

Our Travel Community is filled with amazing women from all over the world and all different walks of life. We talk all things travel and  to share stories and pictures of our adventures. Every few months we organise meet ups where you can meet other travel enthusiasts and find new travel buddies.

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Female travel bloggers
Not So Young Female Travel Bloggers 

Not So Young Female Travel Bloggers 

Our Female Travel Bloggers group is for not so young female travel bloggers. We are a super supportive group with the philosophy of “together we grow”. We exist to spread the word about older female travel bloggers.

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Not So Young Female Travel Bloggers Award 

The Not So Young Female Travel Bloggers Award 

The Not So Young Female Travel Bloggers Award is awarded to inspirational female travel bloggers. Brave women facing the challenges of growing their travel blogs and spreading the word that travel is not only for the young but also for the young at heart. Contact today if you’d like to participate.

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Our bloggers are over 500 strong with over 3M collective followers. The perfect way to hit your perfect demographic. Check out our new Community Facebook Page today.


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