Top Female Travel Bloggers to Watch in 2019

Older female travel bloggers are taking on the world of blogging in so many great ways. They are proving that Travel is for everyone both young and old and telling their stories of where to go and what to see at any age. I love showcasing their work to inspire others to venture out into the world, to experience its wonders and to create adventures for themselves. This year you’ll see some old favourites along with some new blogs to follow. Here’s my list of inspiring Female Travel Bloggers to watch in 2019.

Faith from XYUandBeyond

Fulfilling a lifelong dream to retire early and travel the world Faith is now happily travelling to find the perfect place to retire. Faith considers herself an ‘ass-end’ baby boomer who is attempting to travel cheap (that’s the Scottish blood in her). 

After spending a year in a tiny fishing village in Mexico, mangling Spanish and writing by the pool were the grim details of life here, itchy feet struck again. Faith decided to explore housesitting which is a great budget way to travel and see the world. 

Faith has been writing for over 30 years, working with artists, creators, and women led businesses  Faith’s blog XYUandBEYOND is about culture, travel, anything to do with food, as well as historic and heritage sites that are a must see. In 2019 Faith is planning to further explore Ireland, and head out on some housesitting jobs to Italy, Portugal, Scotland and beyond.

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Karen from Motoroamers

As one half of the travel partnership, The Motoroamers, Karen is a wordsmith and photographer that captures the spirit of the pair’s fulltime travels.

2016 saw Karen and her partner take decisive action to remove themselves from the corporate matrix! With their chariot camper, they left their jobs and sold up to explore Europe initially, one mile at a time. Three years on their love affair with travel inspires Karen to write about the places she sees and the soulful impact travel has on her. Her emotionally engaging writing inspires others to follow in their footsteps and discover a world from the road less travelled. Her honest, mindful and real perspective gets to the heart of travel’s addiction, compelling the reader to live life beyond their fear and find freedom, choice and happiness.

2019 sees The Motoroamers uncover the delights of Scandinavia and the eastern trio of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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Sue from Food Travelist

Sue Reddel is a Co-Founder and President of Food Travelist. A Certified Culinary Travel Professional, Sue’s passion for travel has taken her to many exciting and memorable destinations around the world. She has logged as much as 150,000 miles in a 6-month period. Sue leads the travel and photography team for the Food Travelist brand, connecting food travelers around the world with relevant brands, destinations and experiences.

Food Travelist focuses on exploring culinary travel around the world. From fine dining at Michelin starred restaurants to finding the best street food a destination has to offer.

Sue is just starting to plan her travels in 2019 and hopes to visit Portugal, Italy, Montana, Idaho, New York, Maine. In addition, she hopes to spend a lot of time discovering all there is to eat and do in her new home state of Wisconsin and her new city Madison.

Join in on Sue’s adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

Arti from My Yatra Diary

Yatra means pilgrimage in hindi and through her travel blog – My Yatra Diary… Arti explores the various layers of life itself; like a pilgrim on a journey, where she constantly strives to share her truth, discover herself, the world, her place therein and experience the real treasures of life along the way.

Besides that, her blog is a storehouse of information from the journeys she undertakes and is packed with pictures and details about the places visited with an aim to help prospective travelers or to give a visual armchair tour to the rest.

As for 2019, she has only one plan: to go where her heart takes her and, to keep going.

Join in on Arti’s adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

Nathalie from Marquestra

Nathalie traded in her corporate sales career in 2013 for a 10-month road trip to South & Central America with her then husband, call it sort of midlife crisis adventure. A trip that catapulted her life of travel and discovery, opting afterwards to become a digital nomad to be fuel her wanderlust, a choice she never looked back on.

Presently location independent and now travelling the globe solo, house-sitting and slow travelling as often as she can, her quest to travel is stronger than ever. Her travel blog Marquestra | A Midlife Woman’s Quest for Travel is where Nathalie shares travel inspiration through detailed destination guides packed with practical travel information, money-saving tips and beautiful photography. It focuses primarily on soft adventure travel for 40+ mature independent travellers, highlighting cultural events and activities, food & wine and lodging options. Follow her as she will be exploring more of Thailand this January before making a soul-searching 2-month circuit through Myanmar and India.

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Frederica from A Stroll Around The World

A stroll around the world is a travel and lifestyle luxury blog for those who enjoy discovering at a leisurely pace recently founded by Federica Provolenti. With a degree in Archeology and History of ancient Greek and Roman art and a career as journalist and television screenwriter, Federica brings her readers to explore cultural heritage around the world. Covering off the beaten path, finest dining and shopping destinations, A stroll around the world promotes slow traveling as the preferred way to profoundly experiencing a place, discovering all the details.

In 2019 the blog will showcase a road trip along Apulia, in the south of Italy. Through the year, readers will explore other European city breaks like Hamburg in Germany and the enchanting region on Cognac and La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast of France. Asian and American destinations are still in the planning stage but will come between late spring and autumn.

Join in on Frederica’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Sherrie from A Sherrie Affair

Sherrie Fabrizi-Allbritten is a lover of travel and history.   Sherrie resides in Florida with her husband of 37 years Kevin. They have three children.  She developed the passion to travel at a young age with her parents and continued the practice with her own family.  Now the kids are grown Sherrie and Kevin travel even more.  Sherrie’s blog focuses on luxury travel with a little adventure added for the 30-65 age range.  Sherrie and her husband have just purchased a home in Italy where she is excited to be exploring more of Europe and writing articles of her experiences as a new Italian homeowner.  She also would like to add some lifestyle articles to her web site in the upcoming year. 

2019 also brings more travel for Sherrie.  The year begins with welcoming the New Years in Savannah Georgia. February she will head to her home in Lago d’ Iseo for Valentines week.  April they will be traveling with friends to Paris,Venice, Florence and Rome.  Summer always brings some unplanned exploring in New York and Canada.  The fall she will head to Montana for a travel conference, with a possible short trip to Ireland and then back to Italy for a few weeks.  

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Sinjana from Backpack & Explore

Backpack & Explore is a blog by Sinjana, just another middle-class Indian woman who studied hard for a career in technology. Through the blog she wants to show to people like her that it is possible to travel a lot even with a full-time job and family. Travel is still seen as a luxury in India, an idea our parents struggle to appreciate. This makes traveling extensively as a couple a little more challenging for close-knit Indian families than in other culture. 

Sinjana enjoys planning itineraries as much as she enjoys traveling. In this blog, you will only find true stories, of places she has explored and how she did so. Backpack & Explore is not about itineraries, it is about life – discovering life through the lens of travel. Sinjana sums up the idea of the blog in the following line.

“For there’s a story behind every road we take, every plan we make.. stories that are ought to be told as we Backpack & Explore”

Join in on Sinjana’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Joanne from Sunsets and Rollercoasters

Joanne is a Canadian mom of three sports loving kids and the voice behind Sunsets and Roller Coasters. She and her husband have been travelling with their three children since they were just a few months old. Over the past 12 years their family has explored 15 countries throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe and they don’t intend to stop any time soon. They’ve already planned trips to Barbados and Portugal for 2019!  Sunsets and Roller Coasters has been around for less than a year but it’s already a valuable asset for anyone planning an upcoming vacation.

Joanne ensures that travellers of all kinds, including families, can benefit from her own family’s planning and experiences by including detailed itineraries, top things to see and do, favourite local restaurants and must try local foods. But that’s not all! Families specifically will also find destination activities that kids and teens will love, wonderful accommodations for families, recommended family focused guides and special travel tips.

Join in on Joanne’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Suzanne from The Travelbunny

Suzanne Jones is a 50+ travel blogger from the UK who writes about her travels at The Travelbunny. She is a serial traveller and loves exploring new destinations as well as old favourites and is happiest when engaged in a culinary encounter or embarking on a new adventure. She enjoys capturing her travels both on camera and with words. Suzanne is the proud owner of a fully loaded gin trolley.

The Travelbunny blog aims to fuel the wanderlust of travellers in search of memorable travel experiences. It’s packed with engaging travel and food articles with travel advice to help readers get the most out of their own trips. Suzanne is a keen photographer and packs her blog with strong photographic visuals.

Travel plans for 2019 include a road trip to Texas taking in Austin, a dude ranch and the wine region of Fredricksburg. A ski trip to the French Alps, a visit to the Greek island of Ios and a foray into Northern France are also planned.

Join in on Suzanne’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Tanya from Can Travel Will Travel

Tanya Korteling is the UK travel blogger behind Can Travel Will Travel, which follows her as she travels, lives and works abroad with her husband Andy. After resigning from good jobs, selling their belongings and renting out their houses, they left the UK for a new way of life. On her blog, she shares their experiences and useful information from stretches of travel, interspersed with longer periods of living and working abroad. She especially loves discovering more off-the-beaten-track destinations away from the usual tourist trails.

Can Travel Will Travel was launched in 2016 when Tanya and Andy travelled in Asia, then lived and worked in Cambodia for 14 months. This was followed in 2018 with a trip to Cuba and four months in Mexico. Via her blog Tanya hopes to inspire others to realise their dreams and just ‘give it a go’. For her, this lifestyle is a way to broaden their horizons, experience new things, and undertake new challenges.

2019 will see Tanya hit the road again with Andy in tow. This time it will be four or five months travelling around Central America, before returning to Cambodia which they will use as a base to live and work, whilst exploring more of Asia.

Join in on Tanya’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Namita from Radically Ever After

Namita is an Indian Yoga teacher and I’m also a writer and an artist. She is 33 years of age. Tabasco, sunshine, poetry, the night sky and writing are some of my many loves in random order. Lucky for her, they’re location independent and generally tag along wherever she goes.

Radically Ever After is Namita’s travel & Yoga blog where She shares her experiences of the overlap between travel and Yoga. Both require a willingness to fall flat on one’s face at some point and both teach you to trust the process. Yoga and travel make you get out of your head and get over yourself when you least expect it. Namita also has an art section on her blog where She post paintings of places imagined and experienced, along with the story behind the painted place. 
Greenland is one place Namita has been eyeing for the longest time so she hopes to finally make it there in 2019. Also the Philippines and Zanzibar on her list.

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Josie from Josie Wanders

Josie is an Australian travel blogger showing other Gen Xers it’s possible to travel on a budget while still enjoying some of the finer things in life. In 2018 she completed an adult gap year with her husband, travelling through 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. She stayed everywhere from backpacker hostels to five star hotels and flew both budget airlines and first class suites. When she’s not travelling, she’s an avid reader, with her favourite genre being, of course, travel memoirs. 

Her 2019 travel plans so far include another trip back to Europe, and later in the year a trip to Canada. She is also trying to squeeze in a trip to Japan too. In between international trips, Josie plans to visit her last Australian state, and get out and about much more and do some road trips in her home state of South Australia.

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Lisa from Curiosity and Comfy Shoes

Lisa Siegle and Sara Marvin are friends who met long ago while working at a daily newspaper. Their conversations are heavy on the phrases, “I just read this terrific book…” “I read an article about…” “I wonder…” “Where are you off to?” “Tell me about…” They launched Curiosity & Comfy Shoes: Travel Tales and Tips from Inquisitive Womenas an outlet for their passions for travel, books and asking lots of questions. 

In 2019 they’ll travel together for the first time to road trip around New England. Lisa’s still muddling through other plans but England, Scandinavia, Chicago, and a cross-country USA road trip are all under consideration.

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Isabella from Boundless Roads

Isabella has been on the road since March 2017, when she left her prestigious corporate job and her home in the fancy Cancun, to live her lifetime dream and travel across Latin America with no time limitations.

Hi She begun to explore Mexico, where she covered more than 10 states at a slow pace, documenting the journey on her blog Boundless Roads, name that not only represents her wish to overcome cultural and geographical boundaries through her never-ending journey, but also evokes the unlimited possibilities that we all have if we manage to live beyond our fears and put love first.  

Isabella chose love and keeps going and growing, making of every experience a learning opportunity. The nomadic life, she realized, is not all rainbow and unicorns, there are ups and downs just like for anyone. What makes the difference is how we react to it. Isabella is now in Ecuador continuing her quest through the Andean countries with the idea to never stop moving, because the journey is her destination.

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Sue from Travel for Life Now

For the past 20 years, Sue Davies has been traveling the world with Regina Ang, her partner in life and travel. Together, they’ve been to more than 50 countries on 6 continents (including Sue’s dream trip to Antarctica). This past year, Sue and Reggie decided to leave their full-time jobs and split their time between the New York area (Sue’s birthplace) and Singapore (Reggie’s birthplace). 

Through Travel for Life, Sue and Reggie bring together eastern and western perspectives on travel. They offer personal reflections on near and far away places with a humanistic worldview. Their travel writing includes both on- and off-the-beaten track adventures, with a focus on temples, historical sites, nature, street art, food and travel hacking/tips. They are experts at finding high-end experiences that don’t break the bank.
Sue and Reggie are spending the first three months of the year in Singapore and will be visiting Vietnam, Malaysia and other places in the region. Back in the US, they’ll be covering the New York area and wherever else strikes their fancy.

Join in on Sue’s adventures on Facebook and Pinterest.

Cindi from TravelingLater


Cindi Conley, a native Californian, launched a second career as a travel blogger when she turned 61. While she started traveling later in life she’s picking up speed as fast as she can now as a non-backpacking, non-nomadic traveler that packs her blow dryer in the bag she loves to CHECK! She’s not anti-carryon but pro the simple, easy, stress-free journey.

Her blog, TravelingLater, is filling up with travel stories, hacks, and off-the-beaten-path tips for any trip. You will definitely find ways to have a 5-Star trip at more of a 3.5 Star budget in her blog posts. And you’ll probably laugh because she travels with her funny bone and tells her tales as if she’s sitting and sharing a beverage with you. Follow her in 2019 as she explores cities and islands in the US Northeast, tackles Montana for the first time, and plans an exotic Moroccan adventure.

Join in on Cindi’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Ellis from Backpack Adventures

Ellis is a cultural anthropologist with a passion for travelling around the world. As a solo female traveler she visited more than 50 countries along the ancient Silk road such as Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Bosnia among others. She loves to learn about other cultures, but is also fond of nature, mountains and wildlife.

Ellis started her blog three years ago. With her blog she wants to share her adventures as an independent budget traveler. With her stories from unusual places she hopes to inspire people to travel no matter their age or gender and make travel on and off the beaten path easier.

For 2019 she has some exciting plans. The first trip in February will be to Russia. Next is a long trip to Central Asia visiting Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to drive over the famous Pamir highway. Finally at the end of the year she hopes to return to the Caucasus.

Join in on Ellis’ adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Catherine from Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays

Arts, Culture and Travel both with and without teens are the focus of Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays.  Most of the time Catherine is based in London and spends time truffling out the best new exhibitions, the most beautiful houses and the finest places to drink coffee in cultural venues. 

When she is on the road with her twin teens she cycles, stays in castles, explores industrial heritage, visits stunning museums and art galleries and make the most of regional food.  Catherine believes that culture is found in bars, cafes and bakeries every bit as much as it is in an art gallery.  2019 is GCSE year in the Cultural Wednesday household, as a reward for all the teens hard work we are off to California as soon as the last exam is over.

Join in on Catherine’s adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

Roxanna from Gypsy With a Day Job

Gypsy With a Day Job was conceived and created just after Roxanna Keyes’ 51st birthday, after realizing that she had dreamt of exploring the world “one of these days” for over 30 years.  As a teen mother and dropout in the 80s, Roxanna was driven to continue her education, properly raise her family, and build a successful career.  Somehow, she managed to do all of these things, but left that dream to see the world in the background.

Life demands make it easy to fall into the one of these days traps, and Roxanna hopes to inspire people to travel now.  Her goal is to provide the information and tools needed to make that a possibility, whether a reader has a demanding career, or a family and a tight budget.

In 2019 her travels will include a farm stay with the grandchildren, discovering Memphis and Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Cuba, and her first venture into South America to see Ecuador and Peru.

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Cathy from Cathy Travelling

Cathy Travelling: stories, photos, tips to inspire. Cathy lives in Melbourne and her passions include travelling, writing, researching and taking photos. Her stories are accompanied by destination focused photos along with extensive travelling tips on countries including Europe, Canada, USA, Thailand and Australia.

In 2019 Cathy will travel with her partner to her much loved Italy spending three weeks in Lucca where she will write, learn Italian and take day trips throughout Tuscany; by train and car. From Lucca a train to Bassano Del Grappa for its beauty and history and onto the magical Venice. Cathy will also spend time in Malta with a stop over in Dubai. One of the things Cathy loves about travelling is being spontaneous with a high level plan to start with and then making decisions on the go.

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Laureen from My Fabulous Fifties Life

Laureen is a 59 year old retired marketing director now traveling the world full-time after selling nearly everything she owned. Laureen and her husband have been on the road for two and half years. They travel, they write, they hike, they eat and they try to inspire others in their fifties and sixties to do the same!

My Fabulous Fifties Life is designed to inspire people in their later years to not look at life as ending but rather just beginning! And through travel you can be young again! 

Laureen and her husband have a lot planned over the next year including Brazil (where they are right now), Costa Rica, El Salvadore, Belize, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, USA, China, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Borneo, Australia, Oman, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Male, Albania, Serbia, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, and Iceland. And maybe a few more – who knows?

Join in on Laureen’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Teja from Teja on the Horizon

Teja is an environmental professional from Malaysia, on an odyssey for homes in a thousand strange places. 

Teja writes from the perspective of an Asian Muslim female scientist, about the experience of sustainable and reflective travel, and the true stories from wandering through our world. Teja on the Horizon also features articles and resources to facilitate sustainable and responsible travel. 

In 2019 Teja will complete her Pacific Odyssey, exploring lands and cultures at the frontline of climate change. Teja will travel to Tonga and finish at the Great Barrier Reef, having begun with Easter Island and French Polynesia. 

Teja also plans to return to Nepal, to learn and grow relationships with the cashmere craftsmen who are the partners of Ethical Cashmere, a social enterprise she co-founded in 2018.

Join in on Teja’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Mariellen from Breathedreamgo

Mariellen Ward is a Canadian travel writer, blogger, and digital storyteller who is passionate about travel in India. She started travelling and blogging in 2005, and launched her award-winning blog Breathedreamgo in 2009. Though Canadian by birth, Mariellen considers India to be her “soul culture” and she now lives in the foothills of the Himalayas, in Rishikesh.

Breathedreamgo was inspired by Mariellen’s extensive solo travels in India. The site focuses on destinations in India, transformational travel, responsible travel, and encouraging solo female travel. 
Travel plans for 2018 include the lush south Indian state of Kerala, plus Maldives, Nepal, and several rugged destinations in her beautiful home country of Canada.

Join in on Mariellen’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Anita from The Sane Travel

Anita is a part-time traveler, passionate photographer and a mature career woman traveling mostly solo for more than 10 years. She has visited 53 countries mainly in Europe and Asia. She is a skilled travel planner planning and executing her travels by herself.

Based in Riga, Latvia, Anita is blogging in English so her main audience is English speaking people in different countries. Anita holds MBA degree from Riga Business School. The Sane Travel founded in 2015 is all about giving inspiration for readers’ own journeys, no matter how big or small. The aim of the blog is to give readers confidence in their ability to travel solo and independently. Every post is filled with practical information and stunning photos for ideas for readers’ future travels. Her travel plans for 2019 include visiting Barcelona, London, Berlin, Bordo and Cognac in France, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montana, and Yellowstone in the USA.

Join in on Anita’s adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa from TheHotFlashPacker

Lisa has been blogging as TheHotFlashPacker since 2016.  She’s been to 96 countries and counting, visiting 10 of the Balkan countries in 2018.   She mostly blogs about international and USA destinations, especially unusual destinations she finds. 

She also blogs about van camping.  2019 should be a busy year of travel since she is part time at her day job.  Lisa plans to spend time camping in the southwest USA in January and travel to Argentina to start a cruise to Antarctica, Falkland Islands, and South Georgia in November and December.  She plans to do at least another trip but hasn’t decided whether it will be van camping in the United States or somewhere international – Portugal and remote Pacific Islands are high on her bucket list.

Join in on Lisa’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram 

Sage from Everyday Wanderer

Everyday Wanderer is the travel blog of a middle-aged, Midwestern, single mom of four who was bitten by the travel bug as a preschooler when her family moved abroad for the first time. Because she lived half of her most formative childhood years abroad and has frequently traveled as an adult, Sage Scott understands the tremendous benefits of travel.  But as a single mom with four kids, three cats, two dogs, and a mortgage, she also knows that not everyone is in a position to travel the world for a living. Seizing every travel opportunity she can, whether for work or for pleasure, across town or halfway around the world, Sage writes for people like her who are filled with wanderlust yet live a “real” life.

Anchored in Kansas City, the midwestern town affectionately called the Paris of the Plains and undisputed Barbeque Capital of the World, Sage provides destination inspiration and helpful travel tips. She recently visited her 50th state and is sharing her travel experiences state-by-state in her “See the USA” series unfolding throughout 2019.

Join in on Sage’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Larch from The Silver Nomad

Larch Gauld has had a wanderlust all her life and now in her early 50’s, she writes about her adventures on the travel blog The Silver Nomad. She marries her travel experiences with an eye for detail, photography and well-researched articles. Based in Wiltshire in the UK, Larch is currently training to be a CAA licensed drone pilot to add to her writing and photography skills.

The Silver Nomad features destinations in the UK, Europe and across the world, focusing on sights, experiences and culture to bring each place alive for the reader. With beautiful photography and writing that aim to inspire other travellers to look beyond the normal tourist destinations and seek out new authentic experiences.

Bali is the first destination in 2019, followed by trips in Europe to Hamburg, Imola, Trentino and Trieste. Larch is also planning trips to the Bahamas, Marrakech, Pakistan and China.

Join in on Larch’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Nicky from Above Us Only Skies

Nicky’s addiction to travel was first fuelled by a six-month backpacking trip to India in the early 90’s. As a fresh-out-of-university Gen X’er the experience was one that made her laugh, cry, scream in frustration and look on in awe. Mostly in the same day. And sometimes in the same hour.

Fast forward twenty years and she’s now experiencing similar emotions as she travels the world and writes about her experiences with her husband and co-founder of the Above Us Only Skies travel blog. And that means the good, the bad, the funny and the downright bizarre.

It’s a journey that has so far included experiences as diverse as a face-to-face in-the-water encounter with mother and baby humpback whales and being caught in the middle of the largest Atlantic hurricane to have ever made landfall.

And it’s a journey that will continue in 2019 with a seven-month odyssey in South America, including an exploration of Colombia’s mountainous interior and an epic two-month road trip crisscrossing the Andes of Chile and Argentina. She’d love to have you along for the ride! 

Join in on Nicky’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

With plenty of inspiration where will you go in 2019?

Happy Travels


Top Female Travel Bloggers 2019


  1. Faith Coates

    Huge admiration and respect for these fabulous women travel writers. I am honoured to be in such company. I am going to follow each and everyone’s adventures around the globe and hopefully we can meet up some day and trade adventures and stories.

  2. Debbzie Leksono

    Thanks for listing all these awesome female travellers here! I always love to discover new blogs and read other people stories. That’s how I usually get my travel inspiration. Go girls! Hopefully one day I will be able to meet some of you and share our tales around the world. Happy blogging and safe travels!

  3. Hannah

    What an amazing list of women! Love how powerful a force women in travel blogging is! I loved the description of Karen from Motoroamers – “Her honest, mindful and real perspective gets to the heart of travel’s addiction, compelling the reader to live life beyond their fear and find freedom, choice and happiness.” – that’s some great blogging goals for sure!

  4. Christopher Rudder

    Just followed Nicky on IG 🙂 I think she’s the one that I got so interested the most.
    I love her travel style which is exploring the world slowly. I am also doing the same
    now that I am in my thirties

  5. Rosemary

    What an inspiring list of women making their mark on the world. I love that age is not a barrier and I only wish more women, especially those in their 50s and beyond, will pursue their travel dreams. Keep it up ladies!!

  6. Medha Verma

    That’s a really nice selection of female travel bloggers from all parts of the worlds, travelling in all different types of styles, and from all age groups! Really love how some of them have been brave enough to travel solo while others have quit their corporate jobs along with their partners to travel the world. Very inspiring accounts!

  7. Vasu Devan

    I think this is a great list. I already read some of their blogs and have met Mariellen in INIdia a couple of times too. Happy travels in 2019.

  8. Kate F

    Wonderful Women of Writing! Oohh I just made a WWW.! Hehe ❤️ You are all an inspirationa for us, especially beginners. Thank you for setting the examples of leaving the routines behind and explore more of our boundaries. I hope someday I’ll be labelled like those of yours!

  9. Alizon Robertson

    Thank you! I feel like I have found my home! Been blogging about 6 months after retiring early last year to go travelling. Most of the bloggers I’ve encountered (lovely as they are) have been the beautiful young ones. It’s great to find women of my age not settling for daytime tv! I particularly liked Faith’s punk attitude in XYU and Beyond. I will be following, sharing and getting inspiration from many of these blogs.

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