Top 15 Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel 2018

Top 15 Safest countries for Solo Female Travel

Wondering where to go on your solo female travel adventures?

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Update: the latest Global Peace Index 2019 is out now.

When you venture out into the world on your own you are responsible for your own safety.  Whatever your destination, you need to make sure you are aware of your surroundings and remain vigilant to any dangers that might come your way when you travel alone as a woman.

These are great for your first time solo female travel destination.

Solo Female Travel Destinations

If you’re looking for the safest places to travel alone, here are the Top 15 Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel as ranked by the Global Peace Index 2018.

Solo female travel destinations

1. Iceland

Iceland is a popular destination to see the Northern lights. It’s dramatic landscapes and hot springs are major draw cards for travellers. Iceland is also a safe destination for solo travel.

Top 15 Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel
New Zealand 

2. New Zealand

One of my favourite destinations, New Zealand is often described as every country in one place.  From it’s beautiful beaches to its awe inspiring landscapes and friendly locals, New Zealand is one of the best solo female travel destinations.

Solo holiday destinations

3. Austria

Austria ranks 3rd on the Global Peace Index. It is renowned for its Alpine regions, rich history and Baroque architecture. A great place for a solo trip.

Best places to travel alone

4. Portugal

With its architecture dating from the 1500’s and it’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a popular destination for solo travellers.


Solo trip

5. Denmark

Ranking number 5 on the Global Peace Index, Denmark is the most southern of the Scandinavian Countries.  Known for it’s medieval buildings and rich culture, Denmark is a great destination for solo female travel.


Travelling alone

6. Canada

Another of my favourites, Canada is a wonderful destination for solo female travel. From vibrant cities to jaw dropping landscapes, Canada is one of those places that will put you under its spell.

Solo female travel
Czech Republic

7. Czech Republic

With its interesting and at times eventful history, the Czech Republic is a popular and safe solo travel destination. It’s  capital city, Prague is famous for its history and beautiful architecture.

Solo female travel Asia

8. Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for travelling alone. This city state is situated on the southern tip of Malaysia and is considered one of Asia’s most multicultural cities.



Traveling alone

9. Japan

From the quirky to the cultural, Japan is bound to provide a range of experiences. Ranked 9th on the Global Peace Index, it’s considered a safe destination for solo holidays. Knowing a little Japanese is helpful for your visit.


10. Ireland

Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a great destination if you want to jump in a car and explore on a road trip. A great place for women travelling alone.

Solo female travel blog

11. Slovenia

Considered a safe destination for solo female travellers, Slovenia is known for its mountain, ski resorts and lakes.

Where to travel alone

12. Switzerland

Known for its beautiful Alpine landscapes, architecture and history, Switzerland has long been a popular destination for solo female travel. Perhaps because it’s also known for its chocolate.


13. Australia

Next up is my homeland Australia. Australia is known for its ancient landscapes, unique wildlife and multicultural cities. Keep an eye out for our drop bears on your solo trip.

Safest places to travel alone

14. Sweden

Not just home to ABBA, IKEA and meatballs, Sweden is also home to UNESCO World Heritage sites and gorgeous hiking trails.

Solo female travel destinations

15. Finland

Finland is another destination to see the Northern lights. It’s capital Helsinki is known for its unique museums and being a safe destination for solo female.

These 15 countries are considered to have the lowest rates of crime and are amongst the safest countries for solo female travel in the world in 2018. As with any destination however, there are places where it’s recommended that tourists should take care.  You should make yourself aware of these places before you embark on your solo trip. Don’t forget to check any government advisories before you go.

Happy Travels!


Top 6 Safest Countries for Solo Female Travel 2019

Top 15 Safest countries for Solo Female Travel


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  1. Carrie Ann Karstunen

    Julie, this is a great list! When I was younger, I was fearless and would travel anywhere by myself. I’ve become slightly more cautious, but I still love a good adventure. It’s good to know what countries are ranked safest! I had to google “drop bears”…too funny! I’ll be on the lookout for them!

  2. Branson Atterbury | Kristall Spaces

    Thanks for sharing this Julie.

    I’ve worked in Austria for a number of years now and can certainly testify that the country should definitely be considered one of the more safer places to visit if you are a solo traveler.

    The people over the are incredibly helpful and hospitable.

    The alpine locations like Otztal and St. Anton are absolutely breathtaking and should definitely be very high on people’s travel bucket list.

  3. Same day jaipur tour by car

    I have seen your post, Very nicely written article. Your post is very helpful for every solo female traveller. Thanks for viewing up such wonderful information. I like this post, keep writing and give the useful post.

  4. Kate - Travel for Difference

    I love this list! Although it definitely breaks my heart that this is something that women even have to think about. I hope that one day we don’t need to make these kinds of posts, and that one day we will be able to travel wherever we want without any fear XX

  5. Dina

    Yasss, speaking my language! I have been to a few of these alone, and it was a great adventure. So happy more and more women are venturing out alone and breaking the norm. Up next for me is Australia, in fact 🙂 If you have any suggestions on Tasmania for solo travel, would love to hear them.

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