So you’ve got the travel bug – Oh the places you’ll go baby

So you’ve got the travel bug and some amazing adventures await you. A solo adventure as a not so young woman will take some thought and research before you even start to book your flights. There is a plethora of information available to you on the internet to start your research.


Where should I go?

Taking the first step into solo travel can be a little bit daunting.  You may have dreamt of far away exotic lands you want to experience – sipping cocktails at the Ritz, seeing the pyramids in Egypt, or a hot summer’s night in the desert.  You may well have had some inspiration from the movies you’ve seen like Eat, Pray, Love or Breakfast at Tiffanys.  For your first solo adventure I suggest you travel somewhere where you speak the language. Check out websites like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet to see what others have to say about the destinations you are researching.

Landing in a place where you can’t read the signs or ask for directions can be exciting but scary on your own.  I experienced this on a recent trip to Italy.  Having taken a train from Paris (I speak and read French),  I found myself having to switch trains at Torino Porta Susa in the north of Italy.  My train had arrived in the early evening and I had an hour to wait for my train to Rome.  As I alighted the train ready to hunt down the next one I realised that all the signs and directions were in Italian – Damn I know about 10 words in Italian.  I made it to Rome very late at night and was pleased I had had the foresight to book a car to my hotel as not only did I not speak the language, but landing in any strange city late at night can be scary.

For my first solo adventure, I hopped on a flight to the USA. This was a destination I had previously not had an interest in, but I found that I loved every minute of it and have returned numerous times since and plan to return again and again.

You’ve picked your destination now what?

Book your flights.  Just do it!  There are some great websites like Webjet where you can check out great deals on flights to any destination in the world or your favourite airline will often have special deals on oversees destinations.  If you plan to make a habit of travel a must do is to join a frequent flyer program.  The airline (and their partners) I use often has great deals that save money and give you extra flyer points.  So far I have taken 6 free international flights using points – gotta love that!

After booking your flights take some time to discover the country you are visiting before booking any accomodation.  There are lots of things to consider as a not so young woman abroad before you do. I will talk about accomodation and preparation for your trip in later blogs.

In the meantime – happy booking!


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