Old Girl’s Undies – top 10 things to pack in your carry on bag


One of favorite my memories of childhood was watching my mother and my grandmother hanging out the clothes on the Hills Hoist clothes line in the backyard.  This daily ritual would lead to my life long adversion to what I call “Old Girl’s Undies”.  Those shapeless, somewhat soleless pieces of cloth that no one could ever imagine a beautiful feminine woman wearing.  How our mothers must have suffered those things.

While preparing for my most recent trip away, I had a Bridget Jones’ moment.  While wandering the underwear section of my local department store, I came across some “Old girl’s undies” and thought to my self “hey girl, you are not so young anymore, perhaps you should just give them a try”.  So I sheepishly went to the counter to purchase a pair hoping that no one I knew was around to catch me out.

Oh my goodness these are the best underpants I have ever had for travelling on planes.  They are so comfortable that they are now my No.1 thing to wear on long haul flights.  I finally understood the secret my mother and grandmother were holding.

Here’s my list of things to pack in my carry on baggage:

Number 1

Makeup – just the bare essentials

Number 2 

Lip balm – you don’t want to land without fabulous lips

Number 3

A face washer – great to freshen up on the plane (those paper towels in plane toilets just dont cut the mustard)

Number 4

Moisturiser – those flights can cause havoc to your skin

Number 5

Toothbrush and toothpaste – need I say more

Number 6

Phone charger and adapter – you can charge your phone on most long haul flights but just in case you’ll need to find a place to charge your phone in the airport when you arrive

Number 7

A great book – you never know if you’ll be spending the flight awake

Number 8

Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones (I use earplugs because I travel light)

Number 9

Passport and travel documentation including a copy of your return ticket home – some countries insist on you proving your return voyage. And a pen

Number 10

A spare set of clothes – it doesn’t happen often but sometimes your checked luggage might not catch the same plane as you

Oh and of course – couple of spare pairs of “Old Girl’s Undies” – lovely soft cotton ones.  Enjoy your packing!

Happy Travels!


Top 10 things to pack in your carry on bag