Making an adventure out of your travel time.


If you’ve been a reader of mine for some time, you likely know that I’m dedicated to adventure, to seeking beyond, and to always dreaming anew. This is the ethos that travel can bring to us, and it can nourish us through and through. Making an adventure out of your travel time isn’t something you can do at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, movies aren’t often realistic depictions of the real world, meaning that no Indiana Jones-style hijinks will come your way, neither will lost temples or priceless artifacts.

But the reality is much better. You can explore the world, learn its history and culture, and remain absolutely comforted by how this can better you and your future travel choices. This way you can learn more about yourself by learning about the planet you live on, and of course get the best value out of every travel package you hope to enjoy.

For that reason, it’s best to consider how you might make an adventure out of your travel time. You can do this no matter if you’re with your family, your friends, or traveling alone. Let us explore what that might look like:

Attend Fantastic Shows

Wherever you go, there’s likely something worth seeing. Sometimes, you need a spectacle, something that can help you feel alive, and something to celebrate with your friends or family. This is much better than simply heading to the bar and getting in a state of drunkenness, or feeling anything other than present and appreciative of a true, entertaining skill. For example, if in Australia this summer, you might be able to see astonishing acts such as Ariana Grande using The Ticket Merchant to secure your place. Going all out to see the high profile acts can be a real treat you’re sure to appreciate.

Alternate The Commute

We often think of the travel to our destination as something boring we need to get out of the way. There’s a reason ‘Are we there yet?’ is a question asked around the world in various languages by children wishing to get off the ride. But why not make this ride part of the travel time itself? This way, you might even gain a couple of extra days you might have considered boring before. Head on a food tour, visit a beach, even consider how your travel might be selected, such as heading on an internationally-bound train in a higher class. When you alternate the commute, you gain more time for adventure.

Get Involved

Sure you might not be like Indiana Jones, but you can surely emulate that feeling. Attend villages that are historical, and look around with an explorer’s mindset. Get involved with a community, or visit excellent tourist activities such as a treasure hunt in a city. Try to see how many landmarks you can find in a certain area, or spend an entire day in a beautiful environment such as walking across the beach and maybe taking a surfing lesson in the afternoon. Don’t rush things. This way you are more present with the beauty in front of you, and that’s always the best way to make the most of your time there.

With this advice, I hope you’ll find your own adventure.

Happy Travels!


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