Five Things To Make Your Next Travel Adventure Easier

When it comes to travel, no matter whether it’s a relaxed holiday or one where you’re on your feet for the majority of the trip, it can be tricky to plan. Here are five things to make your next travel adventure easier.

Be Flexible With Dates

When planning a holiday or trip, it’s good to have some flexibility around your dates. That’s not always possible as your job might restrict when you can go away, or you may have kids that are still at school and therefore school holidays have to come into consideration. However, it’s good to be able to give yourself a little wiggle room so that you don’t have to stress over suddenly finding that your chosen date isn’t available in a hotel or flight.

Booking travel online
Book your travel in advance

Book Everything In Advance

Booking everything in advance is a great way to save money but to also ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that you want to do on your trip. Some excursions might also only be available online, and the last thing you want is to arrive at your excursion and not be able to book onto it in person. So have a think about where you want to go and what you want to do so that you can book and pay for it all before you get there. It’ll also help feel like you’re spreading the cost of the trip too.

Hire a Car

Sometimes the destination you are travelling to might have its difficulties in visiting certain places. You may be staying in a resort or villa that’s in the middle of nowhere and instead of spending money on taxis, it might be worth hiring a car. Make sure you pick the right car for preferences and be sure to have the right insurance to protect you on the road when abroad.

Lady in car
Rent a car

Make The Most Of The Day

If you’re going somewhere particularly tourist-related, the earlier or later you get there, the better. It’s sometimes unavoidable but if you get up early you can beat the crowds, and the same goes for staying out until later in the evening when everyone has started to head for dinner or bed. Rising before sunrise can also make for some beautiful photos and memories. You don’t need to do it every day, but it’s certainly worth doing if there are lots to see and do in your area.

Be Realistic With What Time You Have

The last thing you want is to burn out, so the final thing to mention in making your travel adventure easier is to not do too much. Be realistic with your timings and don’t feel guilty if you spend an extra hour in bed or decide to head back to your accommodation early one night.

So make sure you think about these tips for when you book your next trip away!

Happy Travels!


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  1. Bree

    great tips…the one make the most of your day..i agree if you get to a place whatever time during the day..dump the bags and go out….

  2. Kelly

    So true! It’s also helpful when searching flights to set the filters to show flexible dates, as you can sometimes save $$$ by going a day earlier or later.

  3. Karen

    Jules you’re so right, especially the be flexible. When I over plan things conspire against me and then I can take on people’s local knowledge. Love it. kx

  4. Kristina

    All good tips! I try to do all of those things, though my travel dates are rarely flexible and I’m often guilty of not being realistic with my time available and try to do too much. But I’m working on it…

  5. Alison

    Great tips! I love booking in advance but also, being a bit random, I love figuring things out on the spot. Love the suggestion about allowing yourself the extra hour in bed in the morning! Sometimes I forget to do that!

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