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Driving through the desert

For many of us a long awaited vacation is the only break we have from the pressures of work and life for a whole year.  Some of us spend time at work sitting at desks in offices dreaming of faraway places. Others long for a break from our day to day routines.  For many, a vacation is time to get some rest and recreation and rejuvenate our tired bodies and minds.

Tourist taking a selfie
Travelling for the Gram

Travel Styles

Some of us like to travel with a group of friends, some of us (like myself), like to travel solo.  Some like to sit back with a cocktail on a beach. Others like to travel to experience other cultures or historical sites. Some like to travel to places where others don’t go. Some like to travel for Instagram photos. Many of us like to travel abroad and others like to stay close to home. Some like to hike and camp, while others like to take a yearly cruise to exotic places that they may never have been to. All this being said, how we travel is a personal choice. Sometimes determined by budget, sometimes determined by a drive to learn about different places and ways of life and at other times determined by the need for a break from the everyday norm and routines, our holidays are a time to do as we please.

Cruise ship
Taking a cruise to far away places

No matter the latest travel trend

In the not so distant past, we would either just pack up a car and take a journey close by, don a backpack and venture out into the world or pop in to the local travel agent to book a predetermined tour if we wanted to travel abroad.  Today we have so many options on how and where to book a trip and much more flexibility in how and what we like to see at different places.  But today there is much ado about nothing when it comes to labelling travel styles.  The latest marketing tag line can quickly become the next best way to travel.  “I’m not a tourist, I’m a traveller”, “I travel for the Gram” seem to be some of the catchcries of this era of travel. Whether it’s the latest thing to do or travel tag like Deep travel, Immersion travel, Sustainable travel so long as you are respectful of other people, mindful of your environmental impact and take the time to learn about your destination, it’s really all up to you.

Resort over water
Soaking up the sun and the sand
Hiking might be your thing

Although I’m a strong advocate for solo female travel and love to inspire people to experience the freedom of travelling alone at least once in their lifetime, I also recognise that travel is a very personal experience.  In fact sometimes I think I might like to sit by a pool and drink cocktails for a month, but hey that’s not me and that’s okay. But if that’s you, that’s okay too.  

Cocktails on the beach
Cocktails on the beach

If you’re into cruising or staying at resorts – just do it.

If you like to take a pre-determined tour – just do it.

If you like to stay in your own country – just do it.

If you like to travel abroad – go for it. 

If you like to travel with a group of friends – way to go.

If like me you have a fear of travelling with others – go your own way!

Travelling with others

If anything the latest trends in the perceived ways we travel can give us insight into different ways to enjoy our vacations.  When you open your eyes and minds to different cultures, people and places, you expand your own knowledge and experience.  Travel is food for the soul and great for the brain.  It sometimes allows you to experience things you wouldn’t at home and to see how others live their day to day lives and at other times allows you to just be.

Train travel
Train travel

So whether you are dreaming of immersing yourself in another culture, travelling for the “Gram”, ready to book your next cruise or wanting to wander off the beaten track, no matter what the latest travel marketing tagline or latest trend – just do it your own way.

Happy Travels!


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  1. Amy

    Love this! We are definitely a labelling society. I guess I’m a sustainable-luxury-budget-cycling-doing it for the gram tourist/traveller. 😉

  2. Natalie

    Lovely post – travel is such an individual experience. I am always amazed at the different experience different travellers have in the one destination.

  3. Eunice Tan

    Thanks for this post! I think with the popularity of social media, you really get to see how other people travel and sometimes, you see people getting judged for doing certain things or not doing certain things when they travel. I think this is a good reminder that travel is a very personal experience and everyone has their preferences.

  4. Faith Coates

    I am more of a magpie traveller, every place I see is like a bright shiny object and I want to see it up close and personal. The more blogs I read the more places get added to my bucket list. It’s like travel is my bling.

  5. Nat Wanderlust

    This is a really great post. It’s all about respect really. And not to judge! How others travel, does not affect your personal life one bit so let others enjoy what they enjoy 🙂 I think we learn that as we grow older and mature too 🙂

  6. Maria

    THIS IS SO TRUE! Sorry for screaming, but I couldn’t agree more. You do you. Be a budget backpacker, go on an organized tour, sit on the beach in an all-inclusive resort, be a couchsurfer, twirl your dress for the gram… as long as you go out there and experience this amazing planet!

  7. Michela

    I totally agree: travel is very much a personal thing. Finally what you make out of any travel experience, it should reflect your personality and personal preferences, but this isn’t always what we get to see and read, especially on Social Media, though.

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