Best cities to travel solo

Vienna at night

Cities are great places to travel on your own. You can be surrounded by others even though you’re on your own. Cities have more public transport options so you can get around on your own. You’re bound to find lots of free things to do and see around a city. If you’re thinking about a solo city trip, here are some of the best cities to travel solo.


Little India at night Singapore
Little India Singapore at night

From the moment you land in Singapore you’ll be mesmerised by Changi airport. Consistently voted the best airport in the world, Changi provides a great gateway to Singapore.

There’s so much to see and do in Singapore that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Getting around the city is easy and safe for solo travel. Public transport will get you to most of the main attractions. A hop on hop off bus tour is a great way to investigate the different historical areas of the city and great attractions like Raffles and the botanical gardens.

For a taste of Singapore’s cultural heritage, take yourself to Little India, Chinatown and the Arab and Malay neighbourhoods. It’s here you’re bound to find cheap eats and tastes from around the world. If you’re up for shopping a visit to Orchard Road is right up your alley.

San Francisco

Cable car
Cable car San Francisco

San Francisco is one of my favourite cities to visit. It’s easy to get around on public transport and you’ll find great places to stay where you’re bound to meet friendly people from around the world. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Fishermen’s Wharf, this city is beautiful.

A walk through Chinatown or a coffee in the Italian quarter will provide you with a taste of this beautiful city. Check out my top ten things to do in San Francisco here.


View over Vancouver Canada
Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Canada holds lots of wonderful memories for me. It truly is a beautiful and welcoming city where you’ll find friendly people and beautiful places to find your Zen. Vancouver is one of those places where you want to explore. A visit to Granville markets, a window shop in Gas Town or a bike ride around Stanley Park and a visit to the Dr Sun Yat Sen Gardens are some of the best things to do in Vancouver. For amazing views a visit to Vancouver observation deck on top of the Harbour Centre is the place to go.

There’s plenty of places to eat in Vancouver’s downtown where you won’t mind eating alone and it’s generally safe around the main streets, particularly Robson Street at night. You’re bound to find some Jazz or a lively place to go. Just take the usual precautions and stay away from Downtown East after dark and Vancouver will delight you.


Sunset over Turin Italy
Sunset over Turin Italy

If you’re looking for a taste of Italy without the crowds of Rome and Venice, Turin is a great alternative. Situated in the North of Italy and cradled by the Alps, Turin is known for its beautiful Baroque architecture and great cafes which line its famous piazzas, Piazza Costello and Piazza San Carlo. If you’re into history or practicing your Italian, Turin is the perfect choice for your solo Italian visit. I only had a chance to spend a few hours there, but would love to return.



On my bucket list is one of the best places in Europe to travel solo, Vienna. Once home to the great musicians Mozart and Beethoven, the capital of Austria is the seat of music and culture. Known for its palaces and architecture like St Stephens Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace, it’s the perfect place to travel alone as you’ll never get bored. The many UNESCO World Heritage sites are some of its great attractions. Public transport is recommended to get around the city, but it’s suggested that women don’t travel on the public transport at night.


Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The capital of Scotland is known for its theatre and its many festivals that happen throughout the year. With most of its main attractions in the middle of town, Edinburgh is one for the walkers. The Royal mile one of the oldest streets and packed with history and architecture. A visit to Edinburgh Castle is a must for the serious historian. Another one on my bucket list.

Of course there’s so many beautiful cities around the world that are perfect for the solo traveller. I hope these great destinations have wet your appetite.

Happy Travels!


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  1. Emese

    This is a great list. I love Vancouver, I could go back many times and always find something new to do; and Vienna is truly the perfect place to explore solo (or with companions); so easy to navigate, so many places to see… Thanks for putting this list together.

  2. Phoebe Thomas

    I’m off to San Francisco next week for the 1st time and can’t wait! You’ve also inspired me to visit Turin which is only a 3 hour drive from my home. I’m considering meeting my parents there in November. Not sure why it’s taken me so long to go, I love Italy and have been all over…except Turin!!

  3. Kristina

    Great list. While I don’t typically travel solo, I’ve been to several of these cities and agree that they are great options for the solo traveler.

  4. Rhonda Albom

    You have two of my favourite cities in the world on your list, San Francisco and Vancouver. While I have never travelled solo to either, I can see where they would be great choices.

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