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Hi I’m Julie, an award winning travel blogger and founder of this site. I love to travel the world on my own and inspire othe solo female travellers. Have you ever wanted to travel alone?

On this website you’ll find:

  • Information that will make your solo travels easier
  • Inspiration for solo travel
  • Great destinations for solo female travellers
  • Tips for travelling as an older woman
  • Ideas for your next adventure

Why solo travel?

Solo travel as a not so young woman can be quite the experience. If I could have a dollar for every time someone has told me I was brave I would be a wealthy woman. I have always had the yearning to travel.  When I was young my greatest desire was to don a backpack and take off to see the world.

Julie A Not So Young Woman Abroad

My family came a little earlier than expected and I found myself with 2 wonderful children by the age of 23 (not that I minded), – my travel plans were put on hold.  So as soon as my family was grown and I found myself single again, that old desire returned and off into the world I went.

Solo female traveller

A Not So Young Woman Abroad has been born of my experiences as a solo traveller who has no desire to “do” any country much less be confined on my travels.  It has grown into a community of amazing women from all around the world.

Travel blogger

A Not So Young Woman Abroad was inspired by my own experiences trying to find information for older solo female travellers go it alone. Travelling alone in the world I have had the most amazing adventures. I’ve found lots of off the beaten track places to go and have met some wonderful people along the way.

I consider myself lucky to call Melbourne Australia home and when not travelling am often found photographing and exploring my wonderful surrounds.

Things about me:

1. I drink too much coffee

2. I’m the grandmother to the most beautiful boy in the world

3. I follow world news

4. I enjoy catching up with my family and friends

5. When I’m travelling I leave my very old man at home.

Where am I off to next?  France and Spain

Happy Travels

@ Julie

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    Your doing something I can only dream about! So, thank you for letting us enjoy our dreams through you!

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