8 Warning Signs You’re Addicted to Travel.

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To be painfully honest, if you’re reading this now the likelihood of you being addicted to travel is extremely high. Travel is one of the few things that once hooked, can lead to new experiences, meeting new people and learning about new places. Travel addiction can leave you poorer, yet richer at the same time. In case you’re in denial about your addiction to travel, here are 8 warning signs that you need to look out for.

Packed suitcase
Packed Suitcase

1. Your suitcase is always partially packed.

Just in case you thought you were alone in having a suitcase that never gets empty you are not alone. If you are worried about this terrible affliction, just leave the things you won’t use at home in your luggage and take out the rest. Of course this doesn’t mean that you skip washing your dirty laundry.

Passport filled with stamps
Panic sets in when your passport is coming up to it’s expiry date.

2. You start to panic when your passport is getting full or nearing expiration.

When visiting most countries, you need to have at least six months left before expiry on your passport. For the travel addicted, you know the exact number of days/months until that time.

Camels in the desert
Dreaming of far away places

3. You’re always dreaming of far away places.

Not a day goes by without you thinking about some exotic destination or adventure you’d like to have. You dream about the journey and the destination. You picture in your mind scenes of you doing and seeing many things in different places.

Travel addiction makes you watch world movies

4. You frequently watch world movies and pretend it’s just because you like movies.

This is an extremely serious sign of addiction to travel. Your friends may start to notice there might be something wrong with you or really think you love movies.

Onboard an airplane
You’re constantly searching for cheap flights.

5. You’re constantly searching the internet for cheap flights or travel deals.

A dead giveaway for this symptom is that your browser history is filled with travel sites and your email inbox crammed with flight deal alerts. It’s too late for you if you’ve signed up to every airline for frequent flyer points.

Airports are your favourite places.

6. You experience withdrawals and a sense of panic if you have no future plans or bookings.

The travel addicted are usually booking their next adventure as soon as they return from their most recent trip. The long term travel addict will have multiple advanced trips planned. If this is you, there is no hope of rehabilitation.

Surround yourself with supportive friends.

7. Your friends start complaining that all you talk about is where you’ve been and where you’d like to go.

The chances are that some of your friends are secretly travel addicts too. They will try to hide the fact by complaining about your constant travel chatter. If you think this is the case try to reach out to them privately and set up a support group where it’s okay to acknowledge your travel addiction.

girl looking at clothes on a rack
When you’d rather not buy new clothes.

8. You’d rather save for your next trip than buy new clothes or things.

If your clothes may have seen better days and you rarely buy anything else except for luggage, you maybe a hardcore travel addict.

If you have experienced any or all of these symptoms you are very likely to be addicted to travel, but don’t worry there’s plenty of wonderful things to do and see around the world, you’ll easily find things to feed your addiction.

Happy Travels!


If you’re constantly searching for your next destination, you may well be addicted to travel.
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  1. Karen

    And warning sign number 9 – you start panicking when your partner intimates your travel adventures are over and it’s time go back to ‘real life’! Then you realise it was just a bad dream. LOL.

  2. Maya

    Hilarious! So true except for the first one, I always unpack quickly since I know that if I wouldn’t, the suitcase can stay in the living room for months… How about viewing the weekly reminder from booking as a sign it’s time to check another destination?

  3. Teja

    Ah I’m good… I am only afflicted with half of these! There again, considering it takes me half a year to finish writing about just one destination, in my mind I’m really still back in all those trips that are yet to be blogged!

  4. Shirley

    I really didn’t know I was addicted! But you nailed me!
    Three trips currently planned and every day alerts about cheap flights!
    Great addiction but I am going broke!

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