10 Essential Tips For Solo Travellers

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Travelling alone provides you the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, learn new things about yourself, meet new people and create wonderful memories. If you’re longing for far away lands and always wanted to venture out on your own, here’s 10 essential tips for your solo travels.

Book accommodation close to public transport

1. Book accommodation close to public transport and with easy access from the airport.

Because you’ll be travelling alone, it can be daunting finding your way around a new destination. If your accommodation is close to public transport you’ll not only save money, you’ll also have more flexibility to see the things you’d like to see. By making sure your accommodation is easily accessed from the airport, you won’t be as anxious arriving in a different country or city. Check out how you’ll get to your hotel before you travel.

Stay in a boutique hotel or a bed and breakfast for your first solo trip.

2. For your first solo trip stay at a Bed and Breakfast or a Boutique Hotel.

Little boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts have a more homely feel. In most instances you’ll find a more personal touch. Some places I’ve stayed have evening drinks and nibbles or light entertainment, allowing me to meet other people. You’ll also find that your host will give you local tips and really want you to enjoy your stay. If you’re on a budget, try to at least stay in these types of places for the first couple of days before moving to a hostel.

Pack light.

3. Pack Light.

Remember it’s only you, there’s no one to help you with heavy bags. Although you’ll be tempted to take along just in case clothes you’ll regret overpacking when you’re trying to lug your suitcase around, particularly if you’re catching public transport. Roll your clothes in your luggage and limit your shoes to two pairs and your well on your way. A wheeled backpack or duffel bag will be a lifesaver on your travels.

Take lots of photos.

4. Take lots of photos.

Taking lots of photos on your travels not only gives you the opportunity for fond memories, you can share them with your friends and family on social media so they can follow along. Seeing the sights through the lens of a camera gives you a great perspective of new places.

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Go for a walk.

5. If you’re feeling lonely go for a walk.

Sometimes the feeling of being alone can give you the blues. When this feeling creeps up pop on your shoes and go for a walk. Not only is walking good for you and a way to get the feel good chemicals in your brain working, you’ll soon find yourself immersed in your surroundings. It won’t be long before you’ve forgotten all about being alone.

Hot air balloon
Do something different.

6. Do something completely different.

Ever been in a hot air balloon? Have you always wanted to learn to surf? Would you go on a safari? Try something you’ve never done before. Not only will you have wonderful stories to share, you’ll make your solo trip the journey of a lifetime.

Use a cross body handbag.

7. Use a cross body handbag or an anti theft day pack.

Using a cross body handbag or an anti theft backpack can help to keep your valuables safer when exploring. Being on your own you don’t want to make yourself a target for thieves.

Take a class.

8. Take a class and meet new people.

Whether it’s a cooking class, learning how to make perfume or taking a language course, you’ll meet new people to hang out with plus you’ll have the opportunity to learn a new skill.

Take copies of your travel documents.

9. Take copies of your travel documents and keep an electronic copy on your phone.

Keep your passport safe. If by chance you do lose it, make sure you have copies to show the embassy to make it easier to get a replacement. Make sure you tell people where you are.

Pamper yourself.

10. Take some time out to pamper yourself.

At times you may feel overwhelmed. Remember when you’re travelling alone it’s all up to you. Make sure you take some time to pamper yourself.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, a solo adventure is an opportunity to do something for yourself.

Happy Travels!


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  1. Natalie

    Thank you, I loved the tips. I always try and do something different on each holiday. Often it is that thing that I look back on and remember the most!

  2. Sue Davies

    Good tips. When I was in Buenos Aires on a solo trip (I usually travel as a couple), I also booked one tour on the second day so that I knew I would have people that I could talk to and meet. It really helped me to know that I had that setup.

  3. Mona

    Love your tip about staying at a bed and breakfast. I would have never thought of that one but you make a great point about it providing a comforting “homey” feel!

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